Rosoboronexport to show over 100+ defence items at the IMDS-2013 in St. Petersburg
03.07.2013 Press release

Russian state arms exporter Rosoboronexport, affiliate to the Rostec State Corporation, will display over 100 advanced items of Russian maritime defence products at the VI International Maritime Defence Show IMDS-2013 in St. Petersburg on July 3-7.

Rosoboronexport representatives will provide exhibition guests with comprehensive materials on Russian Amur-1650 conventional propulsion submarine. Its sister ship – project 677 Lada class flagship designated St. Petersburg and joined the Russian Navy. Amur-1650 has significant advantage over foreign submarines – its powerful well-balanced weapon system incorporates anti-ship missiles with their multiple launch capability from all torpedo tubes. Along with this Amur-1650 is capable of engaging ground targets with cruise missiles. Currently Russia is the only country operating these missiles. Another precedence over foreign analogues has to do with extended target acquisition range due to unparalleled sonar system as well as lowered acoustic signature.

Combat capabilities of Russian Gepard-3.9 frigate are highly appreciated by expert community. Developed as a derivative of the project 11661 corvette it issues STEALTH architecture in its design. Two sister ships – Tatarstan and Dagestan have been commissioned by Russian Navy by far. Gepard-3.9 can operate both independently or as part of a larger task force, perform escort operations, patrol, protect maritime border and economic zone. Frigate is equipped with compound 37900 shp gas-turbine propulsion plant supporting maximum speed of 28 knots. Cruising endurance – 20 days. Gepard-3.9 is primarily intended for hunter-killer operations against submerged, surface and aerial targets. Its armament is therefore versatile and well-balanced, encompassing Uran-E anti-ship missile system, 76.2 mm АК-176М multipurpose artillery mount and Palma air defence artillery system with Sosna surface-to-air guided missile. Anti-sub capability comprises two 533-mm twin-tube torpedo launchers. Customized weapons package is available. Frigate is also designed to carry 12-tonne ship-borne helicopter.

Rosoboronexport offers a wide scope of patrol ships and speed-boats of diverse water displacement and purpose, demanded in the global arms market.

Russia was the first in the world to introduce bottom mechanization for small displacement vessels. IMDS guests will have a chance to take a look at the project 14310 Mirage fast patrol boat. It to reach the speed of 50 knots. Stabilising fins give rise to significant pitch and roll reduction, fuel consumption is lowered. The Mirage is intended for patrolling, vessel searching and police operations.

Mangust fast patrol boat is another promising export option. Capable of moving at the speed over 40 knots, it is designed to intercept virtually all high-speed water-borne targets. Its organic armament incorporates 14.5-mm ship-borne pedestal machine gun, Igla-type MANPADS and DP-64 anti-sabotage grenade launcher.

Project 12200 Sobol, a 60-tonne displacement patrol boat is designed to carry duty watch within territorial waters, overlook compliance with navigation regime in national waters, off the harbour as well as in adjacent coastal maritime strips. Combining outstanding sea-worthiness with high rate of sailing, maneuverability and effective weapons, it entirely meets the «interceptor» status. Its sister boat is currently operated by Russian Border Guard Service.

Visitors to the Rosoboronexport stand will be the first to receive access to comprehensive information on the Sosna-R guided missile with firing range up to 10 km, designed for Palma air defence gun-missile system. Latest Shtil-1 air defence missile system with vertical launcher as well as one of the state-of-the-art Russian developments Gibka ship-borne turret mount with Igla-type MANPADS will be brought to our foreign customers’ attention.

«We intend to demonstrate to our partners and to the public Russian ships and armament which in many respects exceed foreign analogues» – Igor Sevastyanov, Deputy Director General, head of the delegation said. – «We deem our participation in IMDS-2013 as an important milestone on the way to strengthening positions of Russia in global market of maritime defence equipment as well as to expanding mutually beneficial military-technical cooperation with foreign countries».

Rosoboronexport, part of the Russian Technologies (Rostec) State Corporation, is the sole Russian state intermediary agency responsible for import/export of the full range of defence and dual-use end products, technologies and services. Rosoboronexport is among the leading operators in the world market for arms and military equipment. Rosoboronexport accounts for more than 80% of Russia's arms exports. Geography of Russia’s military-technical cooperation embraces more than 70 countries across the globe. Rosoboronexport collaborates with over 700 defence industry enterprises and agencies throughout the Russian Federation.

Russian Technologies (Rostec) State Corporation was established in 2007 for civil, military and dual-purpose high-technology industrial production development, manufacture and exportation promotion. Rostec comprises 663 companies, which currently form 8 defence industry holding companies and 5 civil industry holding companies. Rostec agencies are located in 60 constituents of the Russian Federation supplying products to the markets of more than 70 countries. Net profit in 2011 made 45,6 bln rubles, tax contribution to all budget levels reached 100 bln rubles.

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