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Escort ship (frigate)


The Project 11356 escort ship (frigate) is designed to destroy enemy surface ships, submarines and air attack assets. It can operate autonomously, within task forces in maritime theatres of war, as an escort ship in convoys, etc.


  • improved seaworthiness thanks to roll stabilisation (with UK6-1 roll stabiliser);
  • reduced secondary radar, infrared and electromagnetic signatures due to special design and layout measures;
  • low underwater noise and interference with the organic sonar system;
  • operations in a wide range of climatic conditions.

Armament & Equipment

  • Club-N anti-ship missile system (one 3S-14E eight-tube underdeck launcher, eight 3M-54TE ASMs in transport-launch containers) with 3R-14N-11356 fire control system and loading facilities;
  • Shtil-1 medium-range multichannel air defence missile system (24 missiles 9M317E);
  • 100mm A-190E versatile gun mount (500 rounds) with 5P-10E fire control system;
  • Kashtan close-in air defence gun/missile system comprising one 3R-86-1E command and control module and two 3R87-E combat modules (64 9M311-1E missiles, 6,000 rounds), as well as two missile storage/reloading systems;
  • RBU-6000 12-tube ASW mortar (48 90R missiles or RGB-60 depth bombs);
  • two 533mm DTA-53-11356 twin torpedo tubes (4 SET-65E/53-65KE torpedoes);
  • Ka-28 or Ka-31 helicopter (provided with a hangar and a helipad);
  • PK-10 short range jamming system (four KT-216 launchers with 120 decoy rounds).

Electronic equipment

  • Fregat-M2EM air/surface surveillance radar;
  • 3Ts-25E target acquisition radar;
  • MR-212/201-1 short-range navigation radar;
  • Trebovanie-M action information system.

Sonar equipment

  • MGK-335EM-03 sonar system;
  • sonar with Vinyetka-EM towed array.

The above assets can be substituted with MGK-335EM-02 system.

Navigation equipment

  • Ladoga-ME-11356 inertial navigation and stabilisation system;
  • induction log;
  • dead-reckoning and plotting system;
  • two magnetic compasses;
  • navigation echo sounder.

Main propulsion plant

The frigate is powered by a two-shaft gas-turbine plant developing max power of 28,000 hp on each shaft at ambient temperature of +15°C. The power plant is managed by Burya-11356 control system.

Electric power is provided by four 800 kW WCM800/5-type diesel generators supplying three-phase AC/380V/50Hz under control of Angara-11356 system.

Principales características
Displacement, full load, t
Basic dimensions (length x beam x draft), m
124,8 х 15,2 х 4,2
Main propulsion plant:
total power, hp
Electric power supply:
4 WCM800/5 diesel generators
total power, kW
Number and type of propellers
Speed, knots:
Range, at economical speed, n. m.
Endurance, days