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9-mm pistol

Perfection itself 

Highest armor-piercing capacity, record-low weight and large number of rounds.

high accuracy of fire;
firing from either hand;
reduced weight and long service life.

The 9mm GSh-18 pistol is designed for close combat. A high power cartridge and a high capacity double-column magazine, which doesn’t shuffle cartridges, make the pistol reliable and effective.

An automatic safety catch ensures safety coupled with a high level of fire readiness. The pistol may be fitted with a laser designator.

The 9x19mm pistol cartridge (7N31) with armor-piercing bullet makes the pistol effective against body-armored personnel (wearing armor vests)

Main characteristics
Caliber, mm
9х19 (with armor-piercing bullet and other)
Dimensions, mm
max 184 x 136 x 34
Weight w/o magazine, kg
max 0.5
Empty magazine weight, kg
max 0.09
Muzzle velocity, m/s
Effective range of fire, m
up to 50
Magazine capacity, rds