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Tanker aircraft

Versatile platform – inflight and on the ground refuelling or transportation of cargoes 

Simultaneous inflight refueling of one heavy or up to 2 tactical aircraft and up to 4 aircraft on the ground. Apart from its main mission it can be converted into a transport aircraft or for execution of other missions.

IL-78MK-90A tanker is intended for in-flight refueling of different types of aircraft by means of three aerial refueling pods and can perform fuel distribution on-ground. The aircraft may perform the take-off and landing from/on the paved and unpaved airfields.

In operation conditions during few hours the IL-78MK-90A can be converted and be employed as a transport aircraft for transportation and airdropping of vehicles, cargoes and paratroopers.

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Main characteristics
Max takeoff weight, t
Transferable fuel inflight at a distance of 1000 km, t:
Inflight refueling speed, km/h
Refueling pod transfer capacity inflight, l/min:
up to 2.500
Maximum payload in transport version, t
Flight range (with 60 t payload), km
Number of transported troops / in a double deck version (in a transport variant):