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Heavy Flamethrower System

Every Spot is a Hotspot

TOS-1A is a mighty and unique, of its kind, fire support system based on an extremely reliable T-90S platform.

The TOS-1A Heavy Flamethrower System is designed to suppress a whole variety of covered and open targets with thermobaric rockets. The shortest firing range of 600m, well-protected and highly reliable T-90S MBT Platform, and short deployment (combat readiness) time of 90 seconds allow TOS-1A to be an extremely lethal weapon with great combat capabilities.

The shortest range of engagement allows to suppress targets while excluding friendly fire.
The total coverage area at a longer distance with the full salvo is not less than 40,000m².
The main damage on the enemy manpower is inflicted by thermobaric (temperature and pressure) effect.

High combat efficiency of the system has been tested on the battlefield and in various climatic and geographical zones.

Main characteristics
Deployment time
90 sec
Range of Engagement
from 600m up to 6,000m
Number of Rockets (launch tubes)
24 pcs
Full salvo (24 rockets)
6 sec