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Project 21301
Salvage vessel designed for rescuing submarines’ crews

Will help under any circumstances

Perfect seaworthiness, substantial endurance and sailing range with brand new rescue equipment and technical means.

Spacious decompression chamber;
Electric propulsion and ship’s dynamic positioning;
Deep submergence rescue vehicle;
Highly automated.

The ship carries out the whole scope of rescue activities of a disabled submarine crew, including search, crew’s life support; conducting underwater-technical works using divers and manned/unmanned underwater vehicles.

Bester-E shipborne deep submergence rescue vehicle is capable of delivering up to 18 submerges from the depth of 720 m.

Shipborne decompression system for 110 men provides decompression for the whole submarine crew.

TV underwater vehicle carries out technical works at depths up to 1000 m.

Ship can carry out rescue missions during long duties far from naval bases at sea/ocean areas.

Special equipment

Bester-E deep submergence rescue vehicle.

Decompression system for 110 men with life support equipment.

Deep submergence diving system: secures activities at the depths up to 300 m (saturation diving method).

Controlled underwater vehicle for works at depths up to 1000 m.

Project 21301 can find a disabled submarine and rescue the crew even under sever conditions.
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