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Shipborne ADGMS

Repel any attack

Unbreakable Air Defence

highly effective combination of armament;
automated, multichannel, highly-accurate fire control system;
short time of response;
substantial missile load;
high jamming immunity;
automation of combat processes.

Pantsir-ME consists of control and combat modules, storage and feeding systems. Main armament: two 30-mm artillery machine-guns, rails for 8 TLCs with missiles, a power drive and a radar-optical control system.

The system can effectively repel missile strikes from different directions and simultaneously engage 4 targets. Pantsir-ME ensures reliable protection from high-precision missile salvos (including anti-ship missiles and UAVs), and from attacks of small vessels and boats.

Main characteristics
Engagement zone:
elevation artillery/missiles, m
0...3000/ 2...15000
range artillery/missiles, m
500...4000/ 1500...20000
Artillery rate of fire, rpm
Number of channels to engage targets
Max speed of a target, m/s
Ammunition load missiles / rounds, un.
Time of response, s
Weight with ammunition load , kg 7100