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Project 22460
Patrol ship

Patrolling and protecting 

Offshore aircraft-carrying ship with low displacement 

UAVs and a helicopter are located aboard the ship;
A high-speed motor boat is placed on the stern slip;
Substantial seaworthiness and endurance;
Perfect habitability.

Aviation available onboard ensures distant monitoring of large sea-surface areas.

High-speed motor boats can efficiently intercept suspicious vessels.

Project 22460E is capable of continuous patrolling of the all State’s EEZ without a port call.


АK-630М artillery gun mount 1х6 30 mm:
Range of fire, km – 5;

A helipad to locate a helicopter up to 12 t.

Slip and equipment for boats to locate high-speed motor boats.

Project 22460E will effectively ensure the compliance with the State’s interests in the EEZ.

Main characteristics
Standard displacement, t
Main dimensions (length, beam, draft), m
Maximum speed/patrolling, kts.
Range, miles
Endurance, days
Seaworthiness, points