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The project 14170E patrol boat


The Project 14170E Terier patrol boat is designed to patrol the coastal areas of inland seas, rivers, lakes, and also perform the following functions:

  • protect shore facilities, ships and boats in the roads;
  • counter smuggling and terrorist acts committed using watercraft;
  • escort ships and vessels performing the patrol functions;
  • carry out search-and-rescue operations and render first aid to persons in distress.


The Terier is a gliding-type boat. It has a welded hull divided lengthwise by watertight bulkheads into three compartments, where the service and living rooms are located. The hull and the foundations are made of an aluminum-magnesium alloy.


The Terier patrol boat is equipped with 7.62mm upgraded Kalashnikov machine gun (APC version).

To handle navigation and other tasks, the Terier is fitted with the Gals radar and DS-83 magnetic compass.

Communications equipment

  • Transas RT-4822 VHF radio;
  • NAVTEX NX-500 receiver;
  • Afalina COSPAS-SARSAT satellite EPIRB;
  • Dyuim-S radar transponder;
  • Granit-V mobile radio;
  • Okhta portable radio (2 sets);
  • Smerch - signaling and loudspeaking unit;
  • Reka-S VHF radio.

Power plant

The patrol boat is powered by a 2x221 kW (2x300 hp) CODAD propulsion system. The electrical power system consists of two 1 kW generators attached to the main diesel engines.

Principales características
Displacement, full load, t
8.6/9.2 (0.6 overweight)
Dimentions (length (DWL) x beam x draft, m:
10.0 x 3.14 x 0.53
Speed, knots (km/h)
27 (50)
Cruising range with fuel overweight of 0.6 tons, n. miles (km)
300 (600)