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Turret mount

Small. Truly outstanding.

Reliable defence of a ship designed for Igla-type MANPADS

Fire-and-forget system;
Full automation of combat deployment, strong interference immunity;
Autonomous fire with sensors offline;

Komar provides short range defence to sea-surface ship with displacement up to 50 t from anti-ship missiles, aircraft and helicopters under natural and radio interference. The system ensures automatic aiming and launch of Igla and Igla-S missiles from the gyro-stabilized launcher unit.

The electro-optical system is used to lock on and follow a target in optical and infrared channels. Dimensions of the system provide for adaptation to ships with different displacements.

Komar is a simple and effective air defence system adapted to be installed on small combat ships and support ships of different displacement.
Main characteristics
Engagement zone:
altitude, km
range, km
0,5 ...6
Max. speed of a target:
at intercept courses, m/s
< 400
at pursuit courses, m/s
< 320
Aiming area:
azimuth, deg.
elevation, deg.
Number of missiles on the launcher unit, un.
4 or 8
Number of missiles in a salvo, un.
up to 2
Reaction time, sec.
< 8
Mass, kg