Naval systems
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Autonomous underwater vehicle

Stealth inspection of bottom surface at deep waters

Scanning system

Long time of operation in autonomous mode;
Use of several scanning systems with different physical principles of operation;
High search efficiency;
Operation at deep waters;
Fast change of task;
Accurate positioning of detected objects.

AUV carries out search of small-size pin-point and cable-type objects, and environment scanning at all operation depths. Hydroacoustic and radio channels are used for operation control of AUV.

Klavesin-1RE AUV is a modern hi-tech marine robotic system that can carry out wide range of search and scanning tasks for the Navy and other authorities.

Main characteristics
Dimensions (length x diameter), m
5,8 x 0,9
Depth of operation, m
up to 6000
Range, km
Scanning equipment
TV, HF/LF side sonars, electromagnetic scanner, profiler